What We Do


Hennessey’s core focuses are general construction works, design and build services and civil works. We excel in high quality construction and are committed to upholding these standards in each new project. Our ability to undertake the full spectrum of building and construction can be demonstrated from the wide range of projects we have completed, for both commercial and residential clients. We are capable and willing to complete projects of any size, from small to multimillion Dirham contracts.


The extensive variety of construction projects that we have been involved in includes:

  • General Building Works
  • Small Concrete Repairs
  • Large Residential Villas
  • Villa Extensions and Alterations
  • Commercial Alterations and Refurbishments
  • Civil Works for the Solar Parks
  • Restaurants for 5 Star Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Equine Stables
  • Accommodation Blocks
  • Civil Works for Dubai Dry Docks


As well as the traditional method of designing, tendering and awarding contracts, we also offer and undertake ‘Design and Build’ with some of our clients, who require a fast track process. We work closely with recognized and experienced consultants to develop the client’s design in conjunction with a value engineering process. This ensures that the end product not only meets the highest quality standards but also all of the client’s requirements.


Whilst the construction market in Dubai has grown at a rapid pace, we at Hennessey have assumed a controlled growth, so as to not affect the close working relationship we have established with our clients. Our staff take great pride in their work to ensure satisfactory and successful completion of all their projects.


It is our committed staff and workforce that drive us to success on each construction project. That is why safety is our number one priority. We are always working with clients to unsure that each project is completed safety and responsibly. We were immensely proud to recently team up with TSK and reach safe man hours. The details of this and the presentation are on our News Section.


Hennessey is dedicated to each and every one of our undertakings; we constantly strive to complete each construction project safely, on time and to the highest standard, no matter what the project value. We are happy to deal with all enquiries that come forward and to assist clients and advise them in the best possible way.