Jumeirah Creekside Hotel Swimming Pool Deck

The existing pool deck at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel had remained relatively unchanged from the early 90s and so, in order to keep up with the new and modern beach clubs that have sprung up all around Dubai, an upgrade was needed.

Hennessey designed the entire decking area in-house before then undertaking the complete refurbishment. One of the design intents was to create a seamless day to night-time venue.

Works included a complete re-waterproofing and re-tiling of the swimming pool, re-paving of the entire surrounding area, upgrading the raised small pool by cladding it with a stone feature and creating gaps that allowed water to flow to down the main swimming pool thus also turning it into a water feature. Upgrading the swim-up bar with new and modern features and finishes.

New lighting was installed all around the pool deck, helping to achieve the seamless day-to-night feel. The shower area was upgraded, new hand railing was installed and the cabanas were designed and manufactured by Hennessey’s Joinery Factory. Hennessey worked with the hotel to design unique cabinets within each cabana that allowed guests to store their belongings in, and had storage for towels, and drinks with an inbuilt charging pod. This was then manufactured by Hennessey.

The renovation took place during the summer period, where occupancy is lower but there is still an influx of tourist from the Asia-Pacific due to regional holidays, therefore this project required much consideration in terms of logistics and working hours so as not to disturb guests.

All the works were completed in time for the season re-opening in the autumn. This is yet another project that highlights Hennessey’s ability to work in a ‘live’ environment’ ensuring business is not impacted. As well as collaborating successfully with clients to achieve their distinctive desires.

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