Slovenian Pavilion, Dubai Expo 2020

Hennessey completed construction of the Slovenian Pavilion at the Expo 2020 site, following its partnership with, renowned Slovenian engineering company Riko, Hennessey was proud to be the local main contractor on site for the project. During a year that brought many challenges to the building industry due to the pandemic, Hennessey facilitated the construction of the Pavilion through its own resources, plant, and workforce, and collaborated successfully with main contractor, Riko, to complete and handover the project to Slovenia.

Slovenia is a country rich in nature and beauty, and this concept has been cleverly represented in the Pavilion through various features such as the Green Wall that wraps around the building, the timber umbrella structure, and the reflection pools at the entrance. 

The spruce timber structure was designed and manufactured in Slovenia, it was then containerised and shipped to the U.A.E. It was Riko’s vast knowledge and experience with timber construction that enabled the design and installation of it within the U.A.E., where working with timber in such a way is unknown. One of the challenges brought up by the Covid-19 pandemic, was that the manufacturers were not able to travel to Dubai to install the structure as was originally planned, this is where Hennessey were able to step in. Our Joinery Division was on hand to undertake the installation of the timber, which was placed in situ onto a steel frame.

Two reflection pools are situated at the entrance, which were constructed by Hennessey Pools Division. These pools represent the picturesque lakes of Slovenia, such as Lake Bled, and the country’s strong connection to the sea as well.

With an area of 1950m2, it showcased the best of Slovenia’s culture, nature, and important place within the global economy. The partnership between Riko and Hennessey  was a successful one, bringing together two organisations to collaborate and to overcome obstacles together in a challenging and uncertain time. 

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