Specialist Services & Small Works Division

Small Works

Hennessey also undertakes projects that are of a reduced size through our Small Works Division.

These are often bespoke, individualised works for commercial clients that are within ongoing complex projects, or they are new build additions or alterations to existing structures, or for private clients at their residences.

The types of work carried out range from bespoke joinery items, extensions and refurbishments, structural or concrete repair works, or small builds.

Following on from the renovation and refurbishment works, there is huge demand for structural and concrete repairs in the UAE. These projects are a seamless fit within our construction sector and our specialised team members are capable of professionally diagnosing and completing repairs works.

Concrete Repairs

Buildings and structures in Dubai and Abu Dhabi may need concrete repairs over the course of time; Hennessey can help in this area. The reason for the dilapidation of the concrete must be diagnosed in order to set up the appropriate repair action and programme. Reasons for concrete damage may be due to water/chlorine damage which subsequently occurs due to lack of cover to the reinforcing, physical damage or fire damage.

Hennessey has satisfactorily completed repair works in some of the following places; Radisson Blu Hotel, Palm Jumeirah, Al Naboodah Apartments and Accommodation.

Beach Nourishment

In recent years, a rapidly growing area of work that we have added to our portfolio at Hennessey has been beach nourishment and levelling projects. The currents of the Arabian Gulf have an impact on the coastline of the UAE, they move into the beaches and cause erosion along the shorelines. Additionally, the currents also pick up sand and sediment in certain areas, and deposit it further down the coast, causing a build-up in some places.

This has created the need for regular beach nourishment projects to be undertaken, a service which Hennessey offers. Large quantities of sand are added to the eroded areas of the beach, this sand can either be taken from the same beach where there has been a large deposit, or from other areas.

One major environmental concern with this process is the impact on the ecosystem. If sand is introduced to a beach that has a different grade or different chemical makeup, it can affect the habitat of the local wildlife. The sand is graded by putting it through a sieve, so that the consistency of the coral and shells match the existing beach and so it does not damage the ecosystem. This process also ensures that the sand is not of a lighter consistency so that it blows away.

Many of our beach nourishment projects are annual works with the same clients, as beautifying the beach is an activity that requires constant maintenance.

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