Who We Are

Mission Statement

Our quality policy statement indicates our commitment as a company, and focuses on areas which are important to us, in achieving client satisfaction, and continual improvement. Our quality policy statement acts to provide the direction and framework for establishing key performance indicators (KPI’s) and for establishing new quality objectives and review of existing.
HLLC ensure all staff, at all levels have an understanding of the quality policy. It is communicated throughout the organization using various methods, such as regular training, discussions and reinforcement at management review meetings.


The quality policy is also reviewed for its continuing suitability at scheduled management review meetings. In order to maintain and to ensure the continuity of its quality policy and to maintain the continuous improvement in the process,

HLLC is committed to the objectives in implementing and maintaining a quality management system through the participation of its employees. HLLC have identified the processes required for a quality management system and these processes are established and monitored regularly. HLLC also reviews the internal training requirements during management review meetings and when new procedures or practices are implemented. Teamwork is encouraged as paramount. Consideration is also given to resource requirements to meet the continually improving quality management system.