Over the last 12 months, Hennessey have become increasingly involved with various companies collaborating on the installation of Solar Energy Parks and Panels in Dubai.


It first began with Phase II of the DEWA Shiekh Mohammad Bin Rashid Solar Park. This is near Al Qudra, just beyond the Cycle Track. Hennessey was awarded the contract to complete all civil works inclusive of construction of the substation, inverter slabs and oil manholes, perimeter fencing, CCTV installation, storage building, cable ducts and a pump room.


Phase II was a developed by DEWA who collaborated with a consortium led by ACWA Power of Saudi Arabia and Spanish company TSK. TSK was the project’s main contractor and ACWA Power will operate the plant. It incorporates 2.3 million thin-film photovoltaic panels that cover an area of 4.5 square kilometers; it can generate 200MW solar energy each day that is capable of powering 50,000 homes for one year. Annually it will save 214,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.


During the project Hennessey and Spanish company, TSK, held an onsite ceremony to celebrate reaching 1.5 million man safe hours.


The Solar Park opened In March with a grand opening ceremony that was attended by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


Hennessey is now working with Grand Solar on Phase III of the Solar Park project. Work on site has already begun, with the project expected to be completed in 2018.


On a smaller scale, Hennessey has completed civil works which include the installation of solar panels in Jebal Ali. 1,200 solar panels were installed on the roof of a warehouse in Dubai Investment Park.