Completion and Opening of Legoland Theme Park Dubai

October 31, 2016

On 31st October 2016, Legoland Dubai opened its doors to the public for the first time. Hennessey had been awarded the contract to manufacture and install the major joinery and timber works.


There were many different and intricate designs that Hennessey was required to complete.


Caterpillar and Magic Bikes:

A circular building designed to house a theme park ride some 10 meters tall with 20 meter radius, constructed entirely from solid timber utilizing traditional jointing methods, with a Sandblasted finish to create a medieval look.


Boating School:

A solid timber construction 30 meters x 15 meters incorporating timber roof trusses spanning 13 meters supported on columns. Timber jetties and bridges provided access to the ride.


Burger Restaurant:

A solid timber frontage and shade area constructed from 300 x 300mm sandblasted columns and beams that supports the roof structure all themed and finished to create a medieval look.


Other areas and buildings with extensive timber construction based on the medieval theme comprising of staircases, walkways, furniture, doors, windows, beam cladding, queue systems and entrance gates.


Once work was completed, and before Legoland was officially opened, Hennessey arranged, in coordination with BeSix Construct, to have our office staff come down to the park and have a guided tour of all the work that was done. The trip was arranged from an educational point of view, none of the rides or attractions were open, it was a tour of all structures that Hennessey had manufactured and installed.


This was an incredibly beneficial exercise; many members of our office staff (purchasing, accounts, autoCAD, estimators etc.) very rarely get the opportunity to visit completed sites that they have been involved in. By doing so at Legoland, they were able to see what their individual efforts and hard work contributes to. Accounts Team who issue cheques and payments, can see what these payments have brought, purchasing team can see where we install the materials that they have arranged, and estimators can see the finished product of what began as just a scope of works and a BOQ.


It is part of Hennessey commitment to providing a productive and happy environment for its workforce, which in turn, aids our ability to complete our extensive list of projects.




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