The Kitchen, Hilton, Ras Al Khaimah Beach Resort

In 2020, a complete remodeling of the all-day dining restaurant of the Maarid Restaurant in the Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort was undertaken, turning it into the new Kitchen Restaurant.

The series of photographs highlight what the restaurant looked like before, what the renders were and how well Hennessey matched the render once we had completed the refurbishment.

This work was already well underway as the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions began in March 2020, therefore certain operational and logistical adjustments had to be made in order to accommodate these restrictions. Some examples include adjusting the transport to the hotel to limit the number of people within vehicles, control of people in and out of the site, testing, avoiding crowded points on the site and during lunch breaks, installation of sanitisation and hygiene stations.

Hennessey’s AutoCAD department completed the perspectives and we are proud to say that the finished project matched the renders, as is showcased here. All the flooring was refurbished as well as the serving units. External works were also undertaken which included the seating area and a complete refurbishment of the fountains. 

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