Hennessey was awarded the contract to manufacture and install all the major joinery works and structures at Legoland Dubai. The project’s main contractor was BeSix Construct.

The challenge of this project was the complex drawings and designs to be created for the park; large structures that would be housing the various rides and attractions. The bespoke joinery was created and finished in order to fit in with the aesthetic of the various themes around the park; medieval kingdom, Egyptian Adventure, Lego City boat and driving school.

Some of what Hennessey manufactured and constructed included:

·    Caterpillar and Magic Bikes. This was a circular building designed to house a theme park ride 10 meters tall with a 20 meter radius, constructed entirely from solid timber utilising traditional jointing methods, with a sandblasted finish to create a medieval look.

·      Boating School; a solid timber construction 30 meters x 15 meters incorporating timber roof trusses spanning 13 meters supported on columns. Timber jetties and bridges provided access to the ride.

·     The Burger Restaurant was a solid timber frontage and shade area constructed from 300 x 300mm sandblasted columns and beams that support the roof structure all themed and finished to create a medieval look.

·   Other areas and buildings with extensive timber construction based on the medieval theme comprising of staircases, walkways, furniture, doors, windows, beam cladding, queue systems and entrance gates.

·   At the Castle Area, joinery for kingdom games, the mini coaster, a food kiosk, rescue Academy, building experience were all part of Hennessey’s scope.

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