Glucare Integrated Diabetes Centre Interior Fit-Out

GluCare is a local, innovative venture with the ambition of revolutionising the approach to diabetes healthcare. Its founders Dr Ihsan Almarzooqi and Ali Hashemi sought to create a facility that centred on the patient’s ‘journey’, designing an environment that allowed for a calming atmosphere while guiding them through the treatment process in a way that gave them confidence and knowledge.

Hennessey was proud to partner up with GluCare and undertook the interior fit-out of the new diabetes treatment centre, GluCare. These works included reception area, pharmaceutical counters, treatment rooms as well as staff facilities such as kitchen/pantry and toilets.

Corporate branding was key to this project, therefore everything that was manufactured within our Joinery Factory was bespoke to the client’s needs.

What we think we’ve achieved is a calming and quiet, yet bright and inspiring environment. At the heart of GluCare is an enormous glass roof/atrium, enveloping our space in natural light, a bright and airy space where patients can peacefully wait for results or consultations.

GluCare’s wait areas have extremely high ceilings with a glass atrium to ensure that the space feels light, airy, calm and relaxed and we avoid that clinical look that, for many people, can stir up feelings of anxiety and stress. We primarily use four colours throughout: turquoise, black, grey and oak

Symmetry and clean geometric lines create a balanced flow with signage, furniture, displays, counters, nurse stations all designed to be visible from different viewpoints. Knowing where they are in the healthcare journey is important for clients to know and so we have designed a connected audio/visual system to enhance the experience. Every step of the patient journey is considered and thoughtfully presented to the patient. 

Our expert team of healthcare providers were also consulted at every step to ensure that the project suited both the needs of our patients as well as our own team.” (Hashemi, 2021).


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