Emaar Garden Competition Winner at La Coleccion

Hennessey undertook the complete design and installation of this Emaar award winning garden in Arabian Ranches. A fantastic water feature greets visitors in the front garden complete with frog design details and a beautiful walkway lined with lush green plants takes you around to the back garden.

A large kidney-shaped swimming pool with a jacuzzi provides a focal feature. Wrapping around the swimming pool is a putting green with 3 holes and on the other side of the pool a large decking area where four sunbeds are displayed.

There are four seating areas, depending on the desire of the owners; a porch area just off the house with mashrabiya styled shading. To the other side of the property, a lovely Santorini inspired seating area, white and blue in colour, complete with swing seats and bougainvillea. A BBQ area, finished with a stone look, with a table setting and a fire pit. And finally a large gazebo at the back of the garden surrounded by palm trees; a beautiful area to catch a midday breeze.

In other corners of the garden, a gym and sauna can be found, as well as stunning walkways, 7 date palm trees, all of which produce dates annually which the owners harvest and beautiful lighting is arranged around the garden giving an impressive atmosphere.

This was another of Hennessey’s designs and installations to win the Emaar Best Garden Competition, doing so because of the many different features and corners of the garden which make for a wide variety of areas for the owners to enjoy.

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