Al Mirfa Corniche and Beach

Back in 2010, Hennessey LLC was contracted to landscape and beatify along the Mirfa Corniche in Abu Dhabi in order to revive the area and create a striking and useable public space for residents. This part of Mirfa Corniche is 1 kilometre long and a stunning area in the capital emirate for walking and enjoying the beach or for taking part in water sports such as kiteboarding and wakeboarding.

Works along this stretch of the Corniche included the installation of timber decking and walkways, installing timber and roped handrails along the pathways, paved walkway areas, timber gazebo features as well as ramped timber boardwalks. These works allowed for visitors to have easy access to the beach facilities, and created a stunning promenade area for walking, running and cycling, especially during the winter months.

Upgrades and landscaped timber installations such as this one at Mirfa Corniche are works in which Hennessey excels in, and despite the far reaching distance further out from the city of Abu Dhabi, Hennessey is able to access such areas and manages the necessary transport, and logistics, as well as ensuring the required facilities are onsite for the duration of the project.

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