Artistic Joinery – Dubai and Its Architecture

May 6, 2015

Aside from being one of the most progressive nations around the world, Dubai has always been known for its diverse architecture. Every building in the country has its distinct, creative look whether it is through the exterior or interior perspective. Although the term “unusual” is frequently used to describe commercial, leisure, and residential establishments in Dubai, there are still themes where designs of each structure are being patterned from.


Modern or Futuristic Design
Often called contemporary design, this theme features advanced and innovative interior components such as appliances, furniture, and joinery. Dubai has numerous buildings and apartments of such motif, having state-of-the-art security systems and hi-tech home entertainment systems. Most structures having this kind of design often rely greatly on digital items.


Traditional Design
Going customary and typical is definitely still a theme. Despite the fact that most people prefer being unique and exceptional, there are still those who favor conventional home decorations and furniture arrangements. Traditional doesn’t always mean boring, however, because even in a simple piece of joinery, Dubai homes can still express their imagination and originality.


Environmental Design
Now a growing theme option all over the globe, environmental design fancies taking care of nature. Homeowners who possess such an interior commonly have abundant trees, flowers, and other forms of plants or vegetation. It usually has a schematic that allows great amount of sunlight to get in the structure and has vast windows that permit wind to pass through the entire house. Many properties of such design install solar panels for power and wooden joinery. Dubai has a lot of this both in the urban and rural areas.


Hobby-Inspired Design
This design category can prove to be broad and subjective, depending on the homeowner’s interests. There are some that base their interiors on their favorite movie, while some get it from video games and books. Those who desire such a thorough theme are mostly young and stylish. Since normally costs are a little higher compared to other interior design themes, it is a choice of those who have a loose budget for redecoration.


Cultural Design
From the largest of features down to the smallest joinery, Dubai designers make it a point that when they plan out a cultural design theme, every component must follow what is really used in the country or community that it bases its design from. Interiors that mimic Japanese homes, for example, have wooden sliding doors, numerous cabinets or compartments, and low headroom.


Minimalist Design
Sometimes, you don’t need to be elaborate to show class. It just takes a few appliances and furniture, plus a humble amount of vacant spaces to show elegance. With plain solid colors and modest joinery, Dubai truly captures grace and refinement through a minimalist design.


Retro Design
Psychedelic colors and abstract wall patterns are what make a retro design. Travel back in time to the 60’s to the 80’s with this interior option. It is usually described as having plastic furniture, furry carpets, and vibrant neon colors that make every room dynamic and exciting.


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