Emaar Award Winning Garden - Pools and Landscaping

Our Pools and Landscaping division designed and installed a garden in a private villa; this received Emaar’s Best Garden Award. The project began with no existing landscaping, only an empty sandy area.
The client had their own concept for the garden; Hennessey worked with them to listen and provide recommendations which would bring their vision to life. Drawings were provided which allowed the client to visualize what the final result would be.

The garden is designed in a Spanish/Mediterranean theme; these influences can be seen throughout different sections. A citrus orchard, with lemon and lime trees lines one side of the garden, this provides a beautiful feature and allows the client to grow and pick their own fruits. Olive trees are also placed around one of the water features.

There is no swimming pool in this particular garden, instead Hennessey made use of two large water features, one in the front and one at the back and a Jucuzzi. The front garden water feature is in the middle of four pathways, these pathways are created by low lying hedges. The back water feature is a focal point surrounded by olive trees, lights and ornaments.

At the back, a pergola which was created by Hennessey joinery factory and a BBQ area provides a perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the garden. You also notice the greenery and the vivid colours of different flowers that line the walls and paths.

It was the client’s vision that began this project, Hennessey brought it to life with concept drawings, designing and construction of water features, jacuzzi, gazebo, paving stones and pathways and bringing in the plants and grass. Hennessey continues to maintain this garden monthly. Our range of divisions, inclusive of Pool and Landscaping Design, Maintenance and Joinery Factory allows this client to stay with one company. We continue to work with them to maintain and update the garden, meaning our relationship with our clients is a continuous and evolving one. We hope we can do the same with your villa.