How Maintenance Companies Scan Buildings for Flaws

If you own a building, whether it be for residential or commercial use, you must have noticed how tedious it is to preserve such massive structure’s performance and safety by now. Aside from keeping your tenants away from accidents and inconvenience, it is also dictated by law that every structure must undergo maintenance after a certain timeframe to ensure the wellbeing of not just those who occupy the building but also those who sit adjacent to it. That being said, the help of expert maintenance companies is often much needed to provide solutions for a building owner’s needs.

If you don’t want to ask for assistance from building maintenance companies, however, and you simply want to do the whole upkeep thing on your own, you can simply take note of the following tips during the process:

1. Check the wirings and electrical system

One of the most basic things to check in a building is its electrical system, preventing short-circuit and cause of fire. See if there are wires tied in knots in the electrical room, or if there are busted power outlets that can cause failures with other devices. Also, avoid leaks or anything that makes water around the wires and outlets because it can cause them to be grounded. There are professional electricians offered by facility maintenance companies just in case you are not adept in the matter.

2. Unclog the water pipes

An obstructed pipe can cause severe damage to the whole pipeline system, triggering leaks throughout the building and not just in the affected area. Plumbing is also a primary factor in building maintenance, so make sure you keep this part up and running perfectly. Property maintenance companies can remove debris from large pipes to allow a smoother flow of water from room to room without going through the hassle yourself.

3. Troubleshoot the HVAC system

HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning) system is what regulates the temperature and ventilation of the whole structure. A minor problem with this aspect can expand quickly into suffocation and heat strong among the tenants. It takes technical know-how to pull off an operation that involves this kind of maintenance process. Aside from the large unit that sits somewhere in the building, it has multiple tubes that surround the rooms of the building which need monitoring. Make sure that the machine is cleaned every so often to prolong its life and make it work at full potential.

4. Scan the walls and stairs for cracks

A concrete building can often be affected by earthquake and other forms of natural disasters, which is why it is best to patch up the fissures to once again make the structure stable. Protruding metal strips from railings that can cut people and lumps on the floor that trip people are also parts of this particular phase. It is also not enough to cover them as it cannot guarantee stability, so repair them accurately to avoid accidents.

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Posted on: 10/Sep/2015