Swimming Pool – Dubai Contractors and Their Expert Opinion

Who doesn’t want to have his own swimming pool sitting perfectly in the backyard? It is every homeowner’s dream simply because it serves not just as a symbol of luxury and prestige, but also provides leisure and good health. With a swimming pool, you can easily host fun parties and, at the same time, have a place to do your daily dose of paddling exercise. But before you even think about having a swimming pool, Dubai contractors and construction experts have a couple of reminders for you.

Having a swimming pool translates to an awful lot of maintenance duties. Since such infrastructure is no cheap thing, you need to take care of it in order to preserve its value and beauty. With a swimming pool, Dubai pool maintenance services will definitely come in handy and can be of great help to you in the future. That being said, you need to keep the contact details of a pool maintenance service provider close by in case you need assistance with the problems that may occur with your pool.

Now that you know the initial actions and consequences of having one, it is time we get more specific with details. It is important that you know the right ways of cleaning and fixing your pool before you get yourself one. To give you a few tips on maintaining a swimming pool, Dubai experts recommend the following:

1. Use a hand skimmer or leaf skimmer to take out debris

There is some trash that floats on the surface of the water, but there is also some that is heavy enough to sink into the bottom of the pool. Make sure that you get all of that as they speed up bacteria buildup and accumulation of dirt which can severely damage your pool. Use a skimmer with a long handle to filter all the objects that fall into your water. Do this every other day to keep the pool water clean and safe for use.

2. Clean strainer baskets one a week

Aside from the skimming you do every other day to your swimming pool, Dubai experts also suggest you empty your strainer baskets once a week. It is the small hamper usually located along the sides of a pool, which acts as your in-pool skimmer. Although they often keep your pool tidy for you, it is still a must to do other sanitary measures to keep the water at its best condition.

3. Vacuum the pool every week

There is a special type of machine that automatically sucks the dirt in your pool. Such piece of equipment is usually purchased the same time the first pool water is poured into the pool. It has large suction tubes that are attached to an electric turbine that helps eliminate the junk at the bottom of the pool.

4. Brush the tiles with soft bristles

Brushes with hard and sharp bristles can cause scratches to your swimming pool. Dubai hardware stores often sell special pool brushes with light bristles to avoid abrasions on the surface of your pool.

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Posted on: 03/Jun/2015