Construction Companies in Dubai – How to Build an Entire Structure

Putting up buildings and other establishments, whether for residential or commercial use, takes expertise, time, effort, and of course, money. Unlike the ancient times, construction companies in Dubai often assemble such edifices using a mixture of complex materials such as concrete and steel, not just a couple of twigs and wood. Each structure also undergoes extensive planning and a systematic procedure involving architecture, engineering, and carpentry. To give you an idea how professional builders do their thing, here is the step-by-step procedure in assembling a structure:

1. Choosing the right location

There are countless vacant lots across Dubai and there’s got to be a spot that best fits what you plan on building. You can ask construction companies in Dubai for ideal places, especially if what you have in your mind will serve as a business establishment. If you wish to assemble a shop or a boutique, for instance, you must select an area that is highly visible to the public for better awareness. This also includes observation of the climate, community, accessibility, and other elements of the environment.

2. Planning and designing

This is the most crucial part of the construction process. It involves a lot of thinking and must consider a lot of factors; otherwise, the structure might end up experiencing problems in the future. Construction companies in Dubai create a foolproof blueprint, containing both the interior design and exterior landscaping while consulting the client. This particular aspects concerns not just the aesthetics of the structure, but also its practicality and functionality.

3. Pouring the foundation and leveling the ground

Excavation is the step to the actual construction phase. You need to choose the right, stable, and durable cement to fortify the base of your building. Construction companies in Dubai use sophisticated equipment and machines for the job, such as bulldozers and jackhammers to flatten the uneven terrain.

4. Plumbing and installation of pipelines

The water system should be perfect in one go, because the gigantic tubes can be very difficult to repair since they are buried deep underground. It allows proper water flow throughout the entire structure, including the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning) system for larger edifices.

5. Completion of rough framing

Once the ground is dry and ready to support the structure, the builders can start erecting the frames and foundations for the walls and ceilings. The wood is used to simulate the walls while strips of strong insulated steel are used for the pillars. This stage is very much like assembling the skeleton of the entire building.

6. Laying out the electrical system

All the wires and outlets must be strategically placed throughout the structure to avoid obstruction once the building is ready for use. They are lined up along the interior of the walls to prevent exposure of live cables.

7. Installing the insulation

A consistent climate is important, especially in places like Dubai. To allow comfort and better temperature equilibrium, fiberglass, foam, and cellulose are often used to cover the walls.

8. Finishing and polishing

Once everything is set and done, the walls, floors, and even the exterior of the building is painted and covered with polishing agents for better a better look.

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Posted on: 01/Jun/2015