Landscaping Companies in UAE – How to Choose a Reliable Company to Hire

We all want to have a beautiful home and that includes having a great garden or backyard. But with too many landscape companies claiming that they are the best, which one should you hire? Not all landscaping companies in UAE are up to the task and some may even give you misleading information so it is best that you know what to ask and what to look for. Below are some tips when hiring a landscaping company.

Questions you need to ask landscaping companies in UAE

· The first thing that you need to ask is if the company is licensed as a landscaper. Many are not aware that landscaping companies also need to get a license and they should also be insured. If anything goes wrong, the company should be liable and ready to remedy problems that could arise. If there is no license and there is no liability, this could be a potential issue for you.

· When talking about cost, make sure that everything is crystal clear. There are landscaping companies in UAE that will mislead you when it comes to the cost of the project. They would give you an estimate that is very low and then gradually increase costs as they work on your property. Be very careful about this. Ask them if the price they gave you is fixed or is it just a rough estimate. If it is fixed, have it all included in the contract. The contract should state what needs to be done on the property. Every single detail should be there and how much everything will cost including labor, materials, equipment as well as profit. There may be unforeseen expenditures but these are normally not a huge amount.

· Ask for references. Established companies will not hesitate to give you references should you ask for it. You would want to talk to previous clients about projects done for them. Be sure that you choose clients who had projects of the same size as yours. If the company is unwilling to give references, it is a good idea to move on to the next. Most companies take pride in their projects so it would be a concern if this is not the case.

· Communication. While the project is ongoing, ask them who you can communicate with and what is the authority of the person you are going to communicate with. Is someone going to give reports on the progress of the project? If there are issues, will you be kept in the loop as it arises? Because you need to be as you may have to cover the cost and you would not want any surprises.

Great and reliable landscaping companies in UAE should have no problem answering these questions and should be more than happy to provide what is asked of them. Choose wisely and also choose the one you feel comfortable to work with.

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Posted on: 23/May/2015